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Male driver distracted

When It Comes to Safety, Drivers Say One Thing and Do Another

By Lee & Fairman, LLP |

Each year, the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety conducts a nationwide poll of drivers aged 16 and up, asking those drivers to give their opinion on issues related to safe driving, and also to find out how often those drivers commit unsafe behaviors while they’re behind the wheel. The results of the most recent… Read More »

A fatal car wreck

Newly-Released Statistics Reveal 2016 to Be an Even Deadlier Year on Roads

By Lee & Fairman, LLP |

2015 was the first year since the 1960s to see more roadway fatalities than in the previous year. Unfortunately, newly-released reports reveal that 2016 appears to have continued this trend of growing fatality numbers. A new safety product currently being developed by a driving technology researcher could help to stem the rise of drunk… Read More »

White car rolled over

How Do Rollover Crashes Happen?

By Lee & Fairman, LLP |

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that rollover crashes are one of the deadliest forms of accident on US roads. According to the NHTSA, while only 3% of all auto accidents can be described as rollover crashes, these accidents are the cause of approximately 30% of all roadway fatalities annually. Survivors of… Read More »

IKEA building

IKEA Settles Wrongful Death Lawsuits Based on Dresser Tipping Injuries

By Lee & Fairman, LLP |

After several months of an ineffective response to claims that its products caused lethal injuries to owners, Swedish furniture maker IKEA has recently settled three products liability lawsuits filed against the company based on the deaths of small children caused by IKEA products.  While owners of IKEA dressers had been complaining of tipping injuries… Read More »

The road Debris causes two car collison

Serious Accidents Caused by Road Debris

By Lee & Fairman, LLP |

We’ve all seen it—a mattress flapping wildly against the roof of a car, a ladder bouncing violently with every bump in the road. Poorly secured cargo can pose a serious hazard to other drivers. A recent study took a look at the frequency of car accidents caused by road debris, and the rate at… Read More »


Why Do Lane-Drift Collisions Happen?

By Lee & Fairman, LLP |

Drifting out of your lane of traffic can be the result of a momentary lapse in attention, but it can also have serious consequences, or serve as a sign of a serious issue with your ability to drive safely. One safety research organization recently looked at the most common causes for lane drift accidents…. Read More »


Recent Accidents Take Lives of Teacher and Student from MSD of Wayne Township

By Lee & Fairman, LLP |

Two recent accidents took the lives of both a teacher and a young student, both from within the Metropolitan School District of Wayne Township in Indianapolis. The deaths are two examples of a troubling recent trend affecting US roads, where the rate of fatal car accidents seems to be continually increasing without a clear… Read More »


Red Light Cameras Save Lives, Study Finds

By Lee & Fairman, LLP |

Red light cameras are not permitted in Indiana, but once you drive across the border into Illinois, you’ll find them. Many drivers resent the automated red-light enforcement mechanisms, but studies have shown time and again that red light cameras increase driver safety and save lives. A recent study conducted by the Insurance Institute for… Read More »

Gold Medal flour

Recall of E. Coli-Tainted Flour Expanded Once Again

By Lee & Fairman, LLP |

A recall of baking flour found to contain the E. Coli bacteria which began months ago has been expanded yet again to encompass a wider timeframe of flour production. The recall was expanded in response to the manufacturer receiving confirmation of four more cases of E. Coli linked to their flour. General Mills, the… Read More »

Guys witness a truck accident

Protect Your Right to Recovery After a Truck Accident

By Lee & Fairman, LLP |

Truck accidents can take an enormous physical and financial toll on victims. Learn more below about the steps you should take if you find yourself involved in an accident with a tractor-trailer, 18-wheeler, or semi-truck in Indiana. Document your claim After a truck accident, your physical health is most important. Seek care in an… Read More »

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