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Morcellator Attorney in Indianapolis

If you or a loved one developed cancer after a hysterectomy or myomectomy, you should be aware that the medical procedure may have been the cause. Specifically, the use of a surgical device called a laparoscopic power morcellator has been found to spread cancerous tissue beyond the uterus, significantly lowering the patient’s odds of long-term survival. There are skilled and experienced morcellator attorneys at Lee Cossell & Feagley, LLP
who can help you pursue justice and compensation in a morcellator injury lawsuit.

FDA Warns Against Morcellator Use

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration estimates that about 1 in 350 women who get a hysterectomy or myomectomy have unsuspected sarcoma cancer in the uterus. A doctor’s use of a laparoscopic power morcellator on a woman with unsuspected uterine cancer can spread cancerous tissue into the abdomen and pelvis, greatly increasing the likelihood of death. Doctors have other surgical options available for hysterectomy and myomectomy, so choosing to use a laparoscopic power morcellator may be medical negligence.

Manufacturer May Have Known of Cancer Risk

Even more troubling, the FBI is investigating whether Johnson & Johnson, the primary manufacturer of the morcellator, had prior knowledge of the risk of spreading cancer with the device, but did not disclose that risk. There is evidence that physicians notified Johnson & Johnson as early as 2006 about the perils of its morcellator, but the company failed to notify the FDA, as required by law.

Get Help With Your Morcellator Injury Claim

If you or a loved one suffered any injury as a result of a doctor’s use of a morcellator, contact Lee Cossell & Feagley, LLP
for a free consultation with knowledgeable and experienced Indianapolis morcellator attorneys.

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