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Cell phone with a distracted driving image inside

Fatalities on US Roads Rise for Third Straight Year

By Lee & Fairman, LLP |

Each year, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) spends months compiling data from each state on the number of fatalities on US roads and the reasons those fatalities are believed to have occurred, and publishes this data in a series of reports. The reports on fatalities occurring in 2016 have recently been released,… Read More »

Child sleeping in car seat

Choosing the Right Time to Change Out a Car Seat

By Lee & Fairman, LLP |

Roads can be a dangerous place, especially for very young children. It’s important to use a safety seat that keeps your child safe while riding as a passenger in your car, and what makes a seat the right one can change as your child grows. Learn more about when you should change your child’s… Read More »

Car hit on the side.jpg.crdownload

What Drivers Should Know about Side-Impact Crashes

By Lee & Fairman, LLP |

Last month, we discussed the dangers of intersection accidents and ways to avoid them. Now, we’ll explain a bit more about one of the most common types of collision to occur at an intersection: the side-impact collision. These crashes can have devastating effects on victims and are typically avoidable with attentive, responsible driving habits…. Read More »

truck in accident

Use Caution to Avoid Intersection Accidents

By Lee & Fairman, LLP |

You may not realize it, but traveling through intersections is one of the most dangerous parts of any drive you take. There are steps that all careful drivers should take to avoid accidents in intersections. Read on to learn more about intersection crashes, and how to avoid them. Intersection accidents among the most common… Read More »

The image of camera on dashboard of car

Should You Consider Adding a Dash Cam to Your Car or Truck?

By Lee & Fairman, LLP |

Dashboard cameras, or “dash cams,” used to exist only in law enforcement vehicles. As the technology has improved and the devices have become less costly, more and more drivers have concluded that the devices could provide useful protection in the event of an auto accident. Read on to learn about how dash cams work,… Read More »

Restraits on car seat

Children at Serious Risk of Injury when Not Properly Restrained

By Lee & Fairman, LLP |

When you travel with your children in the car, you probably take care to ensure they’re buckled in or properly restrained in their car seat before you get behind the wheel. Sometimes, car seats can be confusing to properly secure, or a clever and antsy child might simply unbuckle themselves at a point when… Read More »

Clipboard that reads medical errors

Errors Involving High-Alert Medication Can Have a Lasting Impact

By Lee & Fairman, LLP |

Medical errors are the third-highest cause of death in the US, according to a recent study by Johns Hopkins University. Among the most serious forms of medical error are those regarding the administration of prescription drugs. While prescription medications can do enormous good in bringing patients back from the edge of death, they hold… Read More »

Male driver distracted

When It Comes to Safety, Drivers Say One Thing and Do Another

By Lee & Fairman, LLP |

Each year, the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety conducts a nationwide poll of drivers aged 16 and up, asking those drivers to give their opinion on issues related to safe driving, and also to find out how often those drivers commit unsafe behaviors while they’re behind the wheel. The results of the most recent… Read More »

A fatal car wreck

Newly-Released Statistics Reveal 2016 to Be an Even Deadlier Year on Roads

By Lee & Fairman, LLP |

2015 was the first year since the 1960s to see more roadway fatalities than in the previous year. Unfortunately, newly-released reports reveal that 2016 appears to have continued this trend of growing fatality numbers. A new safety product currently being developed by a driving technology researcher could help to stem the rise of drunk… Read More »

White car rolled over

How Do Rollover Crashes Happen?

By Lee & Fairman, LLP |

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that rollover crashes are one of the deadliest forms of accident on US roads. According to the NHTSA, while only 3% of all auto accidents can be described as rollover crashes, these accidents are the cause of approximately 30% of all roadway fatalities annually. Survivors of… Read More »

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