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Personal Injury Damages

When you’ve been injured by a slip-and-fall, car or truck accident, or dangerous product in Indiana, it is critical that you are able to show the value of your injuries to the court. This will ensure that you are able to recover the full amount that you’re due after a negligent person or company caused your accident. At Lee Cossell & Feagley, LLP, our trial attorneys are experienced in using evidence such as expert testimony, medical records, and economic data to support requests for damages. We will explore all forms of compensation to which you may be entitled after an accident, to make sure you have the resources you need to make a full recovery.

Types of Personal Injury Damages

If you or a loved one has been hurt in an accident that was caused by another person’s carelessness or recklessness, you and your family are likely owed more than one form of compensation for your injuries. Damages owed to accident victims in Indiana are divided among three categories: economic damages, noneconomic damages, and punitive damages.

Economic damages are the measurable expenses you incurred as a result of your accident, including the cost of any medical or rehabilitative care, the value of any property that was damaged or destroyed, and any wages lost if your accident required you to take time off work or will permanently affect your earning capacity. The court or insurer will require records such as your doctor’s bills and pay stubs to prove the value of these damages.

Non-economic damages are the less measurable forms of injury that accident victims experience. These damages include the value of your physical pain and suffering from your accident injuries, the loss of enjoyment of life your injuries have caused, loss of spousal companionship, and emotional trauma caused by the accident. These damages will require more sophisticated advocacy skills to prove to a judge or insurer, necessitating the selection of battle-tested and dedicated personal injury attorneys to represent you.

Punitive damages are awarded as a way to punish someone who acted deliberately or maliciously in causing your injuries. While rare, these damages are available to victims of especially egregious acts.

Seek Experienced Legal Representation in Your Indiana Personal Injury Claim

Finding the right attorneys to represent you in a claim for personal injury damages is critical. You need compassionate lawyers who will dedicate themselves to your case, helping to ensure you receive the money you deserve for your claims. For a free consultation on your Indianapolis accident claim, contact the personal injury attorneys at Lee Cossell & Feagley, LLP at 317-631-5151.

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