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Boating Accident Attorney in Indianapolis

The personal injury attorneys at Lee Cossell & Feagley, LLP represent victims of boating accidents in Indianapolis and throughout Indiana. When a person is injured as a result of a boating accident, there may be multiple parties who are liable for the victim’s injury, including the operator of the boat or his or her employer, the owner of the boat, any rental companies that may have maintained the boat, the manufacturer of the boat, the seller of the boat, and the insurers of any of these parties. Insurance companies are motivated to get plaintiffs to settle for as little compensation as possible and to put the blame on the victim for the accident in order to prevent plaintiffs from recovering at all. At Lee Cossell & Feagley, LLP, our boating accident attorneys work hard to represent the interests of victims and their families, and to make sure they are not strong-armed or intimidated into accepting less than what they deserve in compensation for their injuries and suffering.

Common Causes of Indiana Boating Accidents

In some cases, boating accidents are caused by defects in either the design or manufacture of the boat – and in those cases the manufacturer and/or seller may be liable to any party injured as a result of such a defect – but for the most part, boating accidents are caused by either negligent or reckless operation and maintenance of the boat. Common causes of boating accidents include:

  • Speeding by boat operators
  • Failure to yield by boat operators
  • Lack of proper training of boat operators
  • Negligent supervision by boat operators and rental companies
  • Failure to provide safety precautions and procedures
  • Alcohol use
  • Equipment failure, including manufacturing defects
  • Overloading of watercraft

Obtaining Compensation For Boating Accident Injuries in Indiana

Although recreational boating is subject to state laws similar to driving a motor vehicle (e.g. it is against the law for an intoxicated person to operate a boat), many operators and owners of boats allow for such violations to occur, resulting in injuries to victims across Indiana. Our personal injury attorneys can help with obtaining compensation for injuries caused by any type of negligent or reckless acts in an Indiana boating accident.

Companies that operate boating tours or rent boats may require you or ask you to sign waivers of liability as a condition of using the company’s services or after an accident has happened. If presented with a waiver of liability after an accident has occurred, it is in your interest to speak with an attorney before signing any agreements to make sure your economic interests are protected. Even where an injured party has signed a waiver of liability, however, an Indiana court will not necessarily prevent that party from pursuing a claim against a party that has caused the injury. Instead the court will look at factors such as whether the waiver was voluntary and knowing, whether there was sufficient bargaining power among the parties, and the types of acts that caused the injury. Regardless of whether a waiver has been signed, a person injured in a boating accident should speak with an Indiana attorney to determine what rights they have to be compensated for their medical costs, lost wages, pain and suffering and other damages.

Get Help With Your Indiana Boating Accident Claim

For any type of boating accident claim in Indianapolis or statewide, from Lake Monroe to Lake Michigan, contact Lee Cossell & Feagley, LLP for a free consultation with knowledgeable and experienced Indiana boating accident attorneys.

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