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Pedestrian Accident Lawyer in Indianapolis

Of the individuals who may be involved in a roadway collision, no group is more vulnerable to serious injury or death than pedestrians. About four percent of Indiana pedestrians involved in a traffic collision are killed. In a collision with a pedestrian, it is highly unlikely that the pedestrian was at fault. Pedestrians or their surviving loved ones should accordingly be entitled to compensation from the at-fault parties. The Indianapolis pedestrian accident attorneys at Lee Cossell & Feagley, LLP are experienced in helping pedestrian victims of roadway collisions get the money they deserve.

High Costs of Pedestrian Accidents

About 88 percent of Indiana pedestrians involved in a traffic collision suffer injury, a large number of which are incapacitating or fatal. Lee Cossell & Feagley, LLP has pedestrian accident attorneys in Indianapolis who expertly establish fault, prove complex damage issues, and maximize recovery. Injuries from pedestrian accidents can involve enormous medical expenses and may require a lifetime of ongoing treatment. There also may be physical or mental impairment from the accident that diminishes the ability to enjoy life or perform a job. Our attorneys are adept at helping pedestrian accident victims recover all damages, including high costs that continue well after a legal case ends.

Pedestrians are Often Victims Through No Fault of Their Own

Pedestrian victims of roadway collisions are in many cases the most deserving of compensation for their injuries. After all, the pedestrian is usually the party least able to avoid a collision. In fact, in Indiana more pedestrians are involved in traffic collisions while crossing at an intersection than any other location. Our Indianapolis pedestrian accident attorneys skillfully handle any type of roadway collision case with a pedestrian victim.

Get Help With Your Indiana Pedestrian Accident Claim

For any type of pedestrian accident claim in Indianapolis or statewide, contact Lee Cossell & Feagley, LLP for a free consultation with knowledgeable and experienced Indianapolis pedestrian accident lawyers.

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