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equipment and medical devices in modern operating room

Medical Device Manufacturers Avoid Recalls, Rely on Doctors to Screen Defective Devices

By Lee Cossell & Crowley, LLP |

We like to think that everything in the medical community is held to a higher standard than other arenas. Medical devices, like all medical treatments, are subject to rigorous scrutiny and even minor problems are quickly found and fixed. Unfortunately, like with manufacturers of cars, factory equipment, or any other type of product, manufacturers… Read More »

Hit and run sign.

Indiana Hit and Run Laws

By Lee Cossell & Crowley, LLP |

Police recently found and arrested the driver who fled the scene after a fatal Indianapolis car accident. Learn about the crash and the laws on hit-and-run accidents in Indiana below, and contact a knowledgeable Indianapolis personal injury lawyer if you’ve been the victim of a hit-and-run accident. Indiana Hit and Run Case – October… Read More »

Automatic braking system avoid car crash from car accident. Concept for driver assistance systems. 3D rendering image.

What are the Causes of Self-Driving Accidents?

By Lee Cossell & Crowley, LLP |

While many safety features now available on new vehicles, such as automatic braking or blind-spot warning systems, can provide much greater safety for drivers, controversy still surrounds the safety of autopilot and automated driving systems, such as those installed in multiple Tesla models. A recent crash involving a Tesla in Autopilot mode has attracted… Read More »

Toddler girl in her car seat

Pediatricians’ Group Revises Recommendations on Child Safety Seats

By Lee Cossell & Crowley, LLP |

Finding the safest possible car seat for your child can feel like a moving target. In a previous post, we discussed research and conflicting opinions on car seat use for children, and it appears that expert opinions on car seat use have changed yet again. Recently, a physician’s group has announced that research indicates… Read More »

Angry Hospital manager points finger at doctor woman

Flawed Communication through Doctors is a Leading Factor in Medical Mistakes

By Lee Cossell & Crowley, LLP |

Medical mistakes are among the leading causes of death among Americans, and many researchers are now looking for answers about how these errors can be reduced. One team of analysts looked at thousands of medical malpractice claims and found that nearly a third appeared to have been caused by failures in communication. Learn more… Read More »

Digital Truck rendering for tech development

Making Indiana Roads Safer by Adding Crash Avoidance to Large Trucks

By Lee Cossell & Crowley, LLP |

Large commercial trucks such as tractor-trailers and semi-trucks are massive vehicles, weighing many times over what an average passenger vehicle weighs. Because of their size, these vehicles can do a tremendous amount of harm when involved in a collision. While vehicle safety technology has come a long way in recent years, few of these… Read More »

Car at Night

Speed and Drunk Driving Responsible for Equal Number of Roadway Deaths

By Lee Cossell & Crowley, LLP |

Over the last few decades, drunk driving has been branded as a socially unacceptable driving behavior. The dangers of driving while drunk have been ingrained in us, yet drunk drivers still cause a staggering number of deaths every year. However, speeding is driving behavior that is even more common and just as lethal, but… Read More »

Mother Putting Baby Son in rear-facing car seat

Study Supports Use of Rear-Facing Car Seats

By Lee Cossell & Crowley, LLP |

Car rides are simultaneously one of the most routine and most dangerous things we do with our children. As parents, we try to ensure that we take every possible precaution to keep our kids safe while we’re on the road, with one of the most important safety measures being the use of an appropriate… Read More »

3d rendered illustration of two colliding cars - illustrating the effect of an impact without airbag

Recent Indianapolis Accidents Show Danger of Head-On Collisions

By Lee Cossell & Crowley, LLP |

Few forms of collision are as deadly as head-on crashes, and two recent local accidents serve as evidence of this fact. Learn more about the accidents below, and contact a seasoned Indianapolis personal injury lawyer if you’ve been hurt in a head-on crash. Local head-on accidents leave numerous injured victims On Monday, April 23,… Read More »

Asian young man driving a car and feel sleepy.

Research on Drowsy Driving Shows Its Dangers for Causing Indiana Car Accidents

By Lee Cossell & Crowley, LLP |

In our busy culture, it can be tempting to sacrifice sleep in order to keep up with professional and social demands on our time. More and more research shows that skipping sleep in this way can have highly detrimental effects on physical and mental health, and it can even have serious safety consequences. A… Read More »

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